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James III was crowned in the abbey; his father, James II, had been killed by a cannon, known as The Lion, which exploded at nearby Roxburgh Castle.

The castle had also been used by David I - he based his court here - and as a prison for Alexander III. In 1313, Black Douglas, along with about 60 men, scaled the walls of the castle under cover of darkness to take it form the English.

To the north of Kelso are the remains of Hume Castle. This was built in the 18th century from the remains of the original 13th century castle. Further north is Greenlaw where the kirk tower, which was built around 1700 and used as a prison until 1829, was known as Hells or Thieves Hole.

To the south of Kelso is Linton, famous for the Lynton Wyrm that lived in a cave to the southeast. A stone above the church door is in memory of John Somerville who killed the creature. His family crest shows a dragon.

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